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Marketing Plan: $500

Spend two hours with a Hadleigh professional to develop a custom marketing plan. Come away from the session with a marketing plan ready to launch you to success! Add a sell sheet for $100 with the purchase of a marketing plan. 



Marketing Services: $4,000/90-Days

Prefer someone else to handle your marketing? Hadleigh will develop and facilitate a marketing plan for your book. Marketing services are provided in 90-day increments including pre-launch, post-launch, and beyond. Includes sell sheet, press release, media, and non-media outreach. 


Sell Sheet: $150

A sell sheet is a crucial piece of book marketing. Let Hadleigh design a sell sheet that will get you noticed. 


Social Media: $500

Struggle with social media platforms? Let Hadleigh review what you have and guide you to a better understanding and effective use of social. 


Media Outreach: from $500

Want to make a big announcement? Let Hadleigh help! We will draft a press release, and sell sheet and conduct media outreach. 


Non-Media Outreach: from $500

Have you ever heard of Bookstagram? If not, you need our help. Hadleigh will coordinate, facilitate, and track reviews of your book. Includes sell sheet. 

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