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At Unpacked Publishing we work with creators, influencers and entrepreneurs to develop, design, and distribute e-books.

Become an author. Be an expert.


Monetization is one of the biggest reasons to add an e-book to your brand. But what else? Being a publishied author brings credibility and expertise to you as a creator and entrepreneur. It cements your place in the industry as a go-to for how-to.


We've worked hard at Unpacked Publishing to create a process that is simple for our authors. We know you don't have time to do it all! That's why we are here. We will handle the hard stuff and leave the fun for you! Our brand is founded on partnership. There is strength in teams and we want you to join ours!


There are no upfront or out-of-pocket costs to our authors. We cover all development costs! With no risk to you, the only question is, why not?

What we do.


You will work hand-in-hand with an Unpacked team member to identify content that can be used to create your e-book.We will curate content you've already released, suggest new and expanded content, and help write your manuscript.


Using your brand and style as a guide, Unpacked will design a fully interactive e-book. From cover to cover, and on every page you will see yourself reflected in the language and layout. While you will have total editorial control, we will take the hard part off your plate, serving you a ready to go product in no time.


Unpacked Publishing has its own online store where your book will be sold. No need to worry about the middle man, distribution will be direct to your customers saving time and fees typically associated with book distribution.

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